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Free Resources for you!

The only real good thing of going through a medical journey with your child, is that - whether you want it or not - you become an expert on very specific medical stuff.

Here are some templates that I had to create to help us during our journey: I hope you'd never need such documents but , if you do, I hope that these can help you too!

Lots of baby foods.jpg

If you need to track what and how much your baby is eating, this template is for you!

You have 3 sheets in the file: one to track the meals in a day, one to record day by day the amounts, one to see the charts of the progress, week after week.

All the sheets already have formulas that will help you calculate totals, and the progression on the charts.

Medical Team sheet

A simple yet powerful template to gather all the information in regards to your team: contacts, person of reference, location etc.

Plus additional info such as referral needed, documents to bring and more!

coming soon sign, warm colours, coastal vibes_edited.jpg
coming soon sign, warm colours, coastal vibes_edited.jpg

Support team Code of Conduct

If you find it hard to find support workers and home nurses, I hear you: it's a whole job on its own!

That's why I created a code of conduct: to "filter" already those who would not be the right fit for our home and needs. It's a totally customisable file, with your own needs and requests.

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