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This is us!

We are The Invincibles!

Once upon a time, Minie & Manny decided to leave Italy and move to Australia with the dream of playing music and build a new life together.

Fast forward 10 years, they decided it was time to have a baby and along came Beatrice.

They didn't know about her diagnosis of Kabuki syndrome until 3 days before Christmas.

Beatrice has endured so much in her life already: a complicated open heart surgery when she was only 8 days old, a massive GORD (reflux) that ended up in first aid a few (too many) times, an RSV infection that brought her back to PICU on a CPAP, tube feeding, a second heart procedure when she was 5 months old and likely a second open heart surgery, all before turning 1.

Yet she smiles, she fights, she's looking forward to being able to walk...and she's teaching us so much.

We'll learn how to walk this complicated path together.

We love each other.

We will take care of each other.

We are The Invincibles!

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